Automotive Email Marketing

The automotive industry is reliant on customer recommendations and brand loyalty. Success in the auto industy comes by maintaining and generating relationships. Our conquest marketing helps auto companies connect with prospects & customers digitally.

Conquest Marketing for the Auto Industry


Any successful email marketing campaign comprises of two main steps. On the one hand you need to select the perfect list of prospects which well-suits your product and on the other hand, You need the right communication campaign which will help create awareness, interest and desire in the selected prospect list.

This kind of marketing brings in more prospects and customers to firms and has one of the best RIO for conquest marketing. AutoScope Digital has been in the email conquest marketing segment for over 15 years.

We have been helping clients with Tier I through Tier III automotive prospecting (conquest marketing) and service email campaigns. We help our clients identify and target the right audience with the right communication strategy.

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Conquest Marketing Facts


Email List Building and Target Audience Selection

Audience selection is the most important criterion for a successful email marketing campaign. While selecting the right target market, one needs to decide on the demographics and geographics of the consumers. AutoScope digital houses a comprehensive database comprising of various demographic and geographic information that can help narrow down the target market for best results. Some of the Demographic and geographic filtering that can be done on our database includes:

Demographic Filtering:

Full Name, Age, Gender, Marital Status, Disposable Income, Credit Score etc.

Geographic Filtering:

Address, Latitude/Longitude, Zip Code, City, State, Country etc.

Auto Industry Filtering:

Vehicle information: Manufacturer, Year of Manufacture, Make, Model etc.
Past Purchase Details: Purchase Type, Transaction Date, No of Vehicles Purchased etc.

Email Campaign, Creatives and Newsletter Creation

Once the right target audience has been decided upon, the next most important consideration is the communication and frequency of communication (in other words, communication strategy) that needs to be adopted. At AutoScope Digital, each conquest campaign is treated differently. Each automotive dealer or manufacture has a different product and different marketing objectives and thus, email campaigns need to be designed keeping those objectives in mind.

Our team does comprehensive A/B testing to ensure highest clicks and conversions for our automotive dealership/manufacturing clients. Only most productive campaigns are selected and mass communication campaigns are done using them. Adaptation to changes in the market, product variations and changes in strategy is common and our team is geared up to handle such changes swiftly and efficiently.

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